'Monk and nun'


Portion size: For 4 people


  1. Remove the fat from the ham. Cut out the ham slices into circles approx. 8 cm in diameter. Puree the rest of the ham in the blitz (or chop very finely with a knife). Add the ham puree to the butter, season with the mustard, lemon juice, a little salt and pepper and mix until smooth.
  2. Cut out the white bread and pumpernickel slices the same size as the ham slices. Spread the ham butter on both types of bread on one side.
  3. Cover the coated side of the white bread slices with ham circles, with the Cover the coated side of the pumpernickel discs exactly. Cut the gherkins in a fan shape and garnish the 'black and white bread' with them. Serve with Frisian tea.


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