Colorful lollies

For 21 pieces
  • 150 g sugar
  • lemon juice concentrate
  • 1 EL passion fruit syrup
  • 1 EL raspberry syrup
  • 1 EL Woodruff syrup
  • 1 tiny balls of yellow, red and green food coloring (paste)
  • colorful sugar pearls
  • 21 Lollipop sticks
  • baking paper
30 minutes
very easy
50 g sugar, 2 drops lemon juice concentrate, passion fruit syrup and approx. 2 tablespoons cold Stir water, so that a thick 'sugar pulp' is formed. Bring the sugar to the boil and let it simmer, carefully removing any sugar grains stuck to the edge of the pot with a pastry brush dipped in cold water, as any undissolved sugar residue prevents the sugar from crystallizing smoothly. The optimum level of sugar can be recognized when a drop of sugar is poured into cold water, solidifies immediately and can be broken like glass. If the mass dissolves in the water, or if it is still tough, this state has not yet been reached and the sugar must continue to simmer
As soon as the sugar has the desired degree, the pot must be removed from the stove immediately. Quickly stir in the yellow color with a wooden spatula or a clean teaspoon (stir only briefly)
Cut the sugar mass from the pot in approx. 7 circles (2โ€“3 cm ร˜) in one piece Pour baking paper. Press the stems into the circles and sprinkle with sugar pearls. Let the lollies set, then pull them off the paper
If, despite all caution, the sugar should become matt and crystallize, you can melt it again and cook it to the desired degree. If you cook the sugar too long, it will start to caramelize and change its color. Also make red and green lollies with raspberry or woodruff syrup
1 piece approx:
  • 30 kcal
  • 120 kJ
  • 8 g โ€‹โ€‹of carbohydrates


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