Cold dog 'black and white'

For 20 slices
  • Fat for the mold, 300 g + 100 g
  • white plate fat
  • 2 fresh eggs (Gr. M)
  • 300 g Sugar
  • 2 p. vanilla sugar, 120 g cocoa
  • 100 g Geha Caked almonds
  • 200 g white couverture
  • Parchment paper
  • 1 small freezer bag
75 minutes
Box shape (25 cm long; 1 1/4 l content), line with parchment paper. Melt 300 g of fat, cool a little. Mix eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar until creamy. Stir in cocoa. Add warm fat in a thin stream while stirring constantly
Approx. Chill 5 tbsp chocolate mass to decorate. Stir the almonds into the rest of the mixture. Place the cookies side by side in the center of the pan. Fill 1/6 of the chocolate mass over the entire surface up to the edge of the mold and smooth it out. In the same way, alternate 5 more biscuit and chocolate layers on top. Approx. Chill for 5 hours
Remove the parchment paper from the cake. Roughly chop the couverture. Break 100 g of fat into cubes or roughly chop. Melt both together in a hot water bath, stirring constantly. Cool down a little. Cover cake with it, dry. Melt the rest of the chocolate mass in a hot water bath. Pour into a freezer bag, cut off 1 small corner. Decorate cakes with it. Chill overnight
1 slice approx:
  • 410 kcal
  • 1720 kJ
  • 5 g protein
  • 29 g fat
  • 28 g carbohydrates


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