Cinnamon chocolate stars

For 50 pieces
  • 40 g cocoa powder
  • 250 g flour
  • 1/2 TL baking powder
  • 2-3 TL ground cinnamon
  • 125 g soft butter or margarine
  • 1 Egg (size M)
  • 75 g powdered sugar
  • 1 packet Vanillin Sugar
  • 15 brown almonds with skin (approx. 15-20 g)
  • 100 g whole milk couverture
  • cling film
  • flour
  • baking paper
60 minutes
Mix cocoa powder, flour, baking powder and cinnamon and strain through a sieve. Stir the soft fat until foamy. First stir in the egg, then the icing sugar and vanilla sugar. Add the flour mixture and knead into the fat mixture with the dough hook of the hand mixer. Press the dough flat, wrap in cling film and refrigerate for about 1 hour. In the meantime, briefly stir the almonds in a little waterbring to the boil, rinse under cold water and remove the skin from the seeds. Halve the almond kernels. Roll out the dough thinly on a floured work surface and cut out stars of different sizes (from 5-8 cm in diameter). Spread on 2-3 baking sheets lined with baking paper. Bake one after the other in the preheated oven (electric stove: 175 ° C / gas: level 2) for 8-10 minutes. Let cool down. In the meantime, chop the couverture and melt it in a hot water bath, then cool the couverture again and let it sit a little. Then decorate each star with a stroke of couverture. Place half an almond on top
Preparation time approx. 1 - 1 1/4 hours (without waiting time). Photo: Först,
1 piece approx:
  • 60 kcal
  • 250 kJ
  • 1 g protein
  • 3 g fat
  • 7 g carbohydrates


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