Cinnamon and chocolate mousse layered dessert

For 5 glasses
  • 4 sheet gelatine
  • 100 g white couverture
  • 100 g Dark chocolate couverture
  • 3 egg yolk (size M)
  • 1 EL Sugar
  • 1 TL cinnamon
  • 500 g whipped cream
  • Chocolate rolls
30 minutes
Soak gelatine in cold water. Chop both types of couverture and carefully melt separately over a warm water bath. Beat egg yolks and sugar over a warm water bath until creamy. Squeeze out the gelatine and dissolve it in the warm cream. Halve the cream. Stir in half of the cinnamon and white couverture. Stir in the other part of the dark couverture. Whip 400 g cream until stiff. Approx. Fold 2/3 under the dark cream. Fold the remaining cream into the light cream. Layer both creams alternately in 4-6 glasses. Approx. Chill for 2 hours. Whip 100 g cream until stiff. Fill into a piping bag with a large star nozzle. Squirt tuffs into the glasses. Decorate with chocolate rolls
For 6 people:
2 hours waiting time
1 glass approx:
  • 490 kcal
  • 2050 kJ
  • 7 g protein
  • 41 g fat
  • 23 g carbohydrates


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