Apricot Aperol water ice

For 6 ice creams
  • 1 can (s) (425 ml) apricots
  • 1 E. L lemon juice
  • 3 EL Aperol
  • 1 heaped tablespoons of powdered sugar
  • 6 (70 ml content; z. B. from Tupper) Ice freezer molds in a rack
10 minutes
Place the freezer dishes on a tray in the stand. Drain the apricots. Apricots,Pour lemon juice and aperol into a tall mixing beaker. Sieve sugar over it and mix well. Puree very finely with the cutting stick. Pour the mixture into the molds, leaving 5-6 mm space to the edge. Close the molds and stick the chopsticks through the lid. Approx. Let freeze for 2 hours. Before serving, rinse the molds briefly with warm water so that they can be removed more easily
2 hours waiting time
1 portion approx:
  • 50 kcal
  • 210 kJ
  • 10 g carbohydrates


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