Apricot and blackberry particles

For 16 pieces
  • 4 slices (75 g each) frozen puff pastry
  • 450 ml Milk
  • 3 EL Sugar
  • 1 packet pudding powder' vanilla flavor '
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 EL whipped cream
  • 5 Apricots
  • 16 Blackberries
  • 1-2 EL Apricot jam
  • 1 EL chopped pistachio kernels
  • flour
  • cling film
  • baking paper
60 minutes
Place the puff pastry slices next to each other and let them thaw. Bring 400 ml milk to the boil. Mix 50 ml milk, sugar and pudding powder until smooth. Remove the milk from the stove and stir in the mixed pudding powder. Cook the pudding for about 1 minute while stirring, then pour it into a bowl and cover the surface with cling film. Chill the pudding. Egg yolks with creamstir. Place 2 slices of puff pastry on top of each other and roll out a square (26 x 26 cm) on a floured work surface. Cut 8 triangles out of each square and arrange on 2 baking sheets lined with baking paper. First brush the triangles with egg yolk cream, then prick the center several times with a fork. Bake the trays one after the other in the preheated oven (electric stove: 200 ° C / convection: 175 ° C / gas: level 3) for approx. 15 minutes and allow to cool. Stir the pudding until smooth and place 1-2 tablespoons in the middle of the pieces. Wash the apricots, cut in half and remove the stones. Cut the apricot halves into thin wedges. Halve the blackberries if they are too big. Cover the pieces with apricot wedges and blackberries and refrigerate for about 30 minutes. Heat the jam and brush the pieces with it shortly before serving and sprinkle with chopped pistachios
Wait 1 1/4 hours
1 piece approx.:
  • 140 kcal
  • 570 kJ
  • 2 g protein
  • 7 g fat
  • 14 g carbohydrates


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