Apple owl

For 4 pieces
  • 8 Apples
  • 8 Apple cores
  • wooden skewers
25 minutes
very easy
For the 'heads' wash 4 apples and rub dry. For the 'eyes' cut 2 juxtaposed funnel-shaped circles into each apple. Cut the shape of the beak in the middle and slightly below between the funnels and gently press it out with the knife.
Cut 2 'ear feathers' from the excavated eye. Cut into the apple at the appropriate point and insert 'ear feathers'. Press in 1 apple core for each of the 'eyes'.
Wash the remaining apples for the 'body'. Place even U-shaped incisions as 'feathers' on 2 opposite quarters of the surface. 'Heads' and 'Bodies' withConnect wooden skewers.


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