Apple foam with roasted almonds

For 8 people
  • 2 kg apples (e.g. Elstar)
  • 500 ml clear apple juice
  • 1 Package Vanillin sugar
  • 200 g sugar
  • 100 g Almond kernels with skin
  • 500 g whipped cream
  • baking paper
45 minutes
Peel, quarter, core and cut the apples. Bring the apples, juice, vanilla sugar and 100 g sugar to the boil, simmer over a medium heat for 15–20 minutes until the apples crumble. After about 8 minutes, remove 1 tbsp apple cubes and set aside to decorate. Put applesauce in a large mixing bowl and allow to cool. In the meantime, toast the almonds in a pan without fat while turning, remove. Caramelize 100 g sugar in a pan over medium heat. Remove from the stove. Mix in the almonds well. Place on a piece of baking paper and let cool down. Whip the cream. Chop half of the cooled almonds. Fold the cream into the applesauce. Pour into dessert glasses, serve sprinkled with diced apple and chopped almonds. Add the remaining almonds
With 10 people:
Waiting time approx. 1 1/4 hours
1 person approx.:
  • 420 kcal
  • 1760 kJ
  • 4 g protein
  • 22 g fat
  • 48 g carbohydrates


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