Apple and blackberry jelly

  • 250 g Blackberries
  • 600 ml clear apple juice, unsweetened
  • 2-3 (approx. 250 g) Apples
  • 1 kg Gelling sugar 1: 1
40 minutes
Sort and wash blackberries. Boil apple juice and blackberries for 5-8 minutes. Hang a fine sieve over a large saucepan. Pour apple mixture into the sieve and smear through with a spoon. Makes about 700 ml of fruit juice. Allow to cool slightly. Peel, halve and core the apples. Dice the apples. Weigh out 200 g of pulp. Add the apples and preserving sugar to the apple and blackberry juice. Mix everything well. Bring to the boil while stirring over high heat. Then cook for at least 4 minutes through and through, stirring constantly. Immediately pour jelly into prepared, clean twist-off jars and close. Let cool upside down
Preparation time approx. 40 minutes
Shelf life 9-12 months


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