Angel-Hair-Pasta (Capellini with tomato sauce)

For 4 people
  • 20 raw prawns (approx. 25 g each; without Head, with bowl)
  • 150 g small mushrooms
  • 75 g dried tomatoes (soft)
  • 1 Onion, 3 cloves of garlic
  • 3–4 stem (s) smooth Parsley
  • 400 g Capellini pasta (thin spaghetti)
  • Salt, pepper, sugar
  • 3 EL olive oil
  • 3 EL Tomato paste
  • 200 ml tro white wine
  • 150 g double-cream cream cheese
45 minutes
very easy
Peel the prawns, cut them lengthways on the back and remove the dark intestines if necessary. Rinse the shrimp and pat dry. Clean and halve the mushrooms. Cut tomatoes into strips. Peel and finely dice the onion and garlic.
Wash the parsley and roughly chop it.
Prepare the pasta in 3–4 liters of boiling salted water (approx. 1 teaspoon of salt per liter) according to the instructions on the packet. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a pan. Fry the onion, mushrooms, garlic and tomatoes for 2-3 minutes while stirring.
Stir in tomato paste, sauté briefly. Deglaze with wine and 100 ml water. Bring to the boil and 5–10 minutesboil down.
Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a second pan. Fry the prawns for 2-3 minutes while turning. Season with salt and pepper.
Stir the cream cheese into the tomato sauce, melt it. Season to taste with salt, pepper and sugar. Drain the pasta and leave about 100 ml of pasta water in the pot. Put the pasta back in the pot. Add tomato sauce, prawns and parsley, fold in.
Briefly heat everything together.
1 person approx.:
  • 670 kcal
  • 35 g protein
  • 18 g fat
  • 81 g carbohydrates


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