Almond and lemon cake

For 16 pieces
  • 1 organic lemon
  • 200 g soft butter
  • 200 g Sugar
  • Salt
  • 3 eggs (size M)
  • 120 g flour
  • 1/2 Package Baking powder
  • 200 g ground almonds with skin
  • 200 g whipped cream
  • 1 EL liquid honey
  • 1 TL Icing sugar
  • Fat and flour
60 minutes
very easy
Wash the lemon with hot water, rub dry. Finely rasp off the peel. Halve the lemon, squeeze out the juice. Mix butter, sugar and 1 pinch of salt with the whisk of the hand mixer until creamy white. Stir in eggs one at a time.
Mix the flour, baking powder and almonds. Add the lemon juice and zest to the butter-sugar-egg mixture and stir to a smooth batter.
Grease a springform pan with a tube base insert (26 cm Ø) and dust with flour. Pour in the dough and smooth it out. In a preheatedBake in the oven (electric stove: 175 ° C / convection: 150 ° C / gas: see
manufacturer) for about 40 minutes. Let cool in the tin for about 15 minutes. Loosen the springform rim and carefully tip it onto a wire rack. Let cool down.
Put the cream and honey in a tall mixing beaker and whisk until creamy with the whisk of the hand mixer. Arrange the cake on a plate and dust with powdered sugar. Add the cream.
1 piece approx:
  • 300 kcal
  • 1260 kJ
  • 5 g protein
  • 22 g fat
  • 20 g carbohydrates


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